The Hidden Worlds of the Klein Tools TI250 Thermal Imager

A deep dive into hidden data encoded in the BMP files saved by the Klein Tools TI250 thermal imager. More »

To Apple ID or not to Apple ID, that is the security question.

An absurd tale of my experience trying to reset the security questions on an Apple ID account. More »

(This Song’s Just) 76,482 Tiles Long

I assembled and uploaded a video showing a timelapse road trip from Pittsburgh, PA to San Mateo, CA. Here I share the tricks and pitfalls I discovered in my work. More »

Fun with YouTube’s Audio Content ID System

A series of tests designed to try to thwart the audio portion of YouTube’s Content ID digital fingerprinting system. More »

You came and you gave without taking. Like a BitTorrent seed.

Determining the speed and tempo variations in the Barry Manilow’s 1974 hit “Mandy.” More »

Everybody Imitates Hypnotoad

Synthesizing Futurama’s “Angry Machine” sound effect from scratch using a noise generator and a few filters. More »

Block Party

A self-made block diagram for the Behringer SL2442FX-PRO mixer. More »

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, QuickTime 7.4 Has Got To Go

In January 2008, Apple released version 7.4 of QuickTime which had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking video rendering in After Effects. This article explored a method to revert the installed version of QuickTime back to 7.3. More »

0 dBFS for Vendetta

A list of some of the loudest-sounding songs in my music collection, and a plea to bring back dynamic range. More »

The Armchair Audio Engineer

An analysis of strange digital compression artifacting present on certain tracks of “Chef Aid: The South Park Album.” More »