Internet Stapler

It is a stapler for our internet age. More »

Is That Company Real?

A web service that determines whether or not a given company is “real.” More »


A dynamic CMS for mostly-static content. This entire site is powered by Docroute. More »

The Sort of Face

Inspired by the wildly popular (and eventually debunked) Twitter account @horse_ebooks, The Sort of Face is my attempt at creating a Twitter bot that posts funny gibberish. More »


A wrapper script for mysqldump. MyAutoDump discovers all the databases on a given MySQL server, dumps each one in a gzipped file, and sends status messages to the syslog. More »


Working in conjunction with twitstash, twanslationparty corrupts the English in tweets and reposts each one to another Twitter account. More »


twitstash is a cron script that downloads a Twitter user’s timeline and stores new tweets in a MySQL table. It can be used for archival purposes, data mining, or as a foundation for twanslationparty bots. More »

Trigger and Freewheel (CMS)

Trigger and Freewheel is a webcomic that I started in 2008 and have been sporadically updating. Feeling ComicPress and its brethren to be too much overkill, I built this custom CMS from scratch to host the site. More »