Docroute is an experimental content management system with a focus on serving “mostly static” pages. It’s designed for situations where a full database-driven CMS is overkill, but where a statically-built site would be inconvenient to update. Its original use case was basically “FTP a new content file to this $5/month shared web host” and see the site update itself automatically.

The overall philosophy of Docroute is that the page content should be separate from the presentation templates, without HTML markup leaking into the content. To achieve this separation, the content is written in Markdown (or a hybrid of Markdown with Smarty templating syntax enabled for more complex pages) which gets translated to HTML dynamically.

URL routing works similarly to a filesystem, with each “level” of the path hierarchy containing a root.json file. This file contains configuration for that part of the site, as well as the list of child pages and sub-levels that exist within. This routing scheme can be applied recursively, allowing for arbitrarily deep levels of nesting.

Since the pages are served dynamically, the outer page template is capable of rendering conditional content and styling depending on the route. The dynamic construction of pages also allows changes to the template files to immediately propagate to all pages on the site without needing to rebuild anything or clear caches.

As a relatively small PHP application, Docroute is quite fast at serving content and isn’t terribly complicated to manage. Developing and maintaining this project taught me that it’s actually much harder to design a CMS than it is to build one.

If I had to do it all over again, however, I would choose Hugo for this task. Many of the ideas I was aiming for in Docroute were achieved more cleanly in Hugo, and the overall opinions and sensibilities of the two projects are really quite close. It also helps to have configuration management in place on this server, which would make it trivially simple to trigger a Hugo build whenever the content in the source Git repo changes.

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